Amazon Neighborhood Association

24th to 30th Avenues
Amazon Park to Agate Street
Eugene, Oregon



WELCOME LETTER from your Neighbors                   

(PDF version to download)

Dear Neighbor,

     Welcome to Amazon Neighborhood, bounded by 24th and 30th Avenues to the north and south, and by Amazon Creek and Agate Street to the west and east. One of the more compact of the Eugene’s nineteen neighborhoods, Amazon includes 600 households. Our major shopping center is at Hilyard and 24th Ave., anchored by Sundance Natural Foods and Humble Bagel, as well as Allan Brothers Coffee and Black Sun Books. Major institutional neighbors are Camas Ridge School (formerly Harris), Temple Beth Israel, and the Eugene Masonic Cemetery.

     Our neighborhood is predominantly residential, with a mix of homeowners and renters. In Amazon “residential” has meant single-family dwellings with a tradition of considerateness and quiet. While we are within easy biking to the University, we are a world apart from the university party zone.

     If you are new to Amazon, or especially to living in a house in Eugene, you need to be aware of how the city handles garbage pick-up, excessive noise, and parking.

     Sanipac is the garbage hauler for our neighborhood. While guidelines change (you can get updates at 736-3600 or, be aware that your household may have as many as three receptacles. That is great for recycling, but sometimes confusing. Be sure to place refuse in appropriate containers. And be aware of when each of them is scheduled for pick up. Also, be aware that city code stipulates that receptacles be put out on the curb not before 7pm of the day before pick up and that they be taken back out of the street no later than midnight of the collection day.

     This city ordinance, which you can activate at (click on regulation/container placement), is intended to keep receptacles from taking up parking and blocking views of traffic, and keeping them out of the path of the street sweeper.

     Noise, whether in the day or night, is also addressed by Eugene City Ordinances. A noise disturbance is in the ear of the annoyed hearer! It is any sound that annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities, with special mention of electronically amplified sound and noise from gatherings of more than five people. In Amazon, large parties often generate complaints, with subsequent warnings and fines.

          U of O:  UO Community Relations has been formed to encourage good student neighbors and neighborhood livability in nearby neighborhoods. Two brochures are being distributed and are available for neighborhood use: “Working Together to be Good Neighbors: Tips for Homeowners and Students Living Off Campus” and “Living Off Campus: A Guide for Students.” Any issues/incidents should be reported to, so data can be collected.

          City:  When an Amazon neighbor lodges a complaint at the non-emergency police number (682-5111), the neighbor should get an incident number. The party that is cited gets a First Response Notice; after that, any police calls to that address get charged to the household.

     Parking can be a problem in Amazon, especially when households have several cars. Parking should never block sidewalks or be on lawns or places other than driveways and streets. Abandoned cars are subject to towing after complaints to the city at 682-5713.

     As a resident of Amazon Neighborhood, you are invited to attend neighborhood meetings. The Amazon Steering Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Amazon Community Center, 2580 Hilyard Street. Fliers and newsletters announce community meetings and potlucks, and our websites post neighborhood news and business, including a listing of goods and services, wanted and offered.

     Our interactive, non-governmental web site is at And you’ll find official information at
     Our listservs include a free, low-traffic, Neighborhood-related email announcements (1-2/month) - Subscribe at:
And a free, low-traffic, Resources Exchange email announcements (1-4/month) - Subscribe at:

     You are welcome to contact any of the Steering Committee (listed in the newsletters and the website) if you have questions or concerns. We hope your stay in Amazon is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable! Don’t hesitate to meet neighbors and follow up on any concern.

          Randy Prince 345-3306
          Jon Belcher 343-6695
          Co-chairs, Amazon Neighbors Steering Committee